Share the Road – May is Motorcycle Safety Awareness Month

Posted by Erica on May 07, 2018

As the weather continues to warm up you will notice a large increase of motorcycles on the road. With this rising number of motorcycles on the road, there is also a greater risk of potential accidents. Each May, the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) encourages all motorists to be more cautious of the motorcycle riders sharing the road with them. Easy steps that can be taken include checking your side and rear view mirrors often, obeying the speed limits, and using turn signals when needed. Motorcyclists also need to be responsible while riding on the road and follow the same precautions, as well as always wearing a helmet!

As the sun sets the danger increases for a motorcyclists, this is where LEDGlow can help! One way to make yourself more visible when riding at night is by adding a LEDGlow Motorcycle Lighting Kit! Not only will a motorcycle lighting kit add visibility while riding at night, each kit adds a custom glowing style to your bike to make your bike unique in its own way! Make sure to contact your local law enforcement and double check with the laws before hitting the road with your new vibrant light kit. Some states have now been becoming more lenient with laws regarding aftermarket LED lights on motorcycles, allowing motorcyclists to take advantage of an added safety precaution. We offer LED motorcycle lights in 9 different single color kits including blue, ice blue, red, green, white, pink, purple, orange, and yellow, while also offering multi-color lighting kits as well.

LEDGlow Lighting acknowledges and fully supports the NHTSA’s initiative of May being Motorcycle Safety Awareness Month but reminds motorists that we should be cautious of motorcyclists and other motorists all year round. Drivers should remember to be aware of your surroundings and be responsible while operating a motor vehicle to keep everyone safe on the road. We here at LEDGlow understand and share the same passion for the road as our customers and motorcycle enthusiasts alike, and urge everyone to be alert and aware of the potential dangers that the road possesses and be educated on the ways to avoid them!