About Us

LEDGlow’s roots date back to 2001, when this family-owned company first set out to create eye-catching vehicle accent lighting. After years of successful innovation, LEDGlow started Motorcycle LED Lights in 2010, a website dedicated entirely to offering revolutionary LED lighting kits for all types of motorcycles.

Staying true to our philosophy, our goal from Day 1 was to develop a lineup of products that not only enhanced the way your bike looked, but also changed the way you thought about riding. At the start we had only one single motorcycle kit available. That would soon change as our selection evolved into an entire line of powerful LED lighting kits with incredible features.

Our accent light kits display powerful single and multi-color lighting as well as dynamic lighting effects. The installation process is nearly effortless and fully customizable with the flexible LED strips that are provided. Operating each kit is equally as painless with the option of programmable remotes and even smartphone control depending on which kit you select. In fact, we were also the first to develop and market a Smartphone Bluetooth Controller.

The same principles that drive LEDGlow are also at the core of our Motorcycle LED Lights division: creating premium products while simultaneously providing the ultimate customer service experience. Contact us by phone, chat or email. We’ll provide dedicated customer support with our in-house tech team which has an immersive knowledge of our products and is able to field the most intricate questions. We fulfill orders the same business day as well. When you order from us your purchase is our top priority and we strive to ensure it is received promptly.

Whether you have a Harley Davidson, Yamaha, Ducati, Honda or another kind of motorcycle, experience for yourself how LEDGlow’s Motorcycle LED Lights can completely transform the look of your bike when you’re riding at night.

We’re continuously involved in the research and development of new products too. That means we’ll continue to offer a wide and diverse selection of LED accent lighting kits that utilize the most cutting-edge technologies while also pushing innovation and design.