Advanced Red SMD LED Motorcycle Light Kit

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Product Description

LEDGlow’s Advanced Red SMD LED Motorcycle Lights is the next generation of motorcycle lighting as it adds a complete and spotless glow to any motorcycle by utilizing SMD technology that standard 5mm LEDs cannot compete with. What are the major differences between the SMD motorcycle kit and the standard LED motorcycle kit? To simply put it, the SMD lighting kits are much brighter by featuring more LEDs and the light strips are much thinner than the standard LED motorcycle kit. The Red SMD Motorcycle Kit features an expanded LED count with its SMD chips, resulting in more LEDs working together to bring a vibrant aura surrounding your bike. A single SMD chip contains 3 concentrated LEDs, which produce a much brighter, wide angle illumination with less spotting than standard 5mm LEDs. Another major difference between the SMD lighting kits and the standard LED light kits is that the light strips for the SMD kit are much thinner and are able to be mounted in tighter areas, completely hiding the strip and exposing a more complete, vivid glow.

These red motorcycle LED lights are offered in 6pc – 18pc kit options packed with an assortment of innovative abilities and safety features. The included waterproof control box features a solid color mode with 4 brightness levels, 3 flashing modes and 1 fading mode that are all easily selected using one of the two wireless remotes. The waterproof control box features a new, unique round design that measures at 1 5/8” in diameter and 5/8” in height making it extremely easy to hide under the seat. Attached to the control box is 18” of wire with a male modular connector that connects to the power harness and 12” of power and ground wires that connect to the battery. The power wire features a waterproof 2 amp inline blade fuse that protects the power circuit of the control box. Each 1/8” in depth, waterproof light strip comes included with 4’ of power wire for maximum mounting capabilities and is able to be cut every two SMD chips for easier mounting on smaller and tighter locations. LEDGlow includes installation instructions, a one year limited warranty and free lifetime technical support with each purchase.

LEDGlow's Wire Extensions easily connect to the power wires on your flexible LED lighting strips to extend the 4' power wires to additional 1', 2', 3' or 5' lengths. This is perfect for larger bikes or lighting strips that are being mounted in locations further away from your control box.

LEDGlow is now offering Adhesion Promoter, which is a liquid primer that creates an extra layer of adhesion between the LED strip and the mounting surface your bike when installing one of LEDGlow’s Motorcycle Lighting Kits. Using this adhesion promoter is not required for installation, but allows for a much stronger bond than simply installing the light strip with the included double-sided tape on the lighting strip.

Advanced Red SMD LED Motorcycle Lighting Kit Includes:

  • Ultra Bright, Wide Angle Red 5050 SMD LEDs
  • Available in 6, 8, 10, 12, 14, 16 & 18 Piece Kits
  • Waterproof Control Box
  • (2) Wireless Remotes
  • Solid Color Mode with 4 Brightness Levels
  • 3 Flashing Modes and 1 Fading Mode
  • Strips are 1/8" in Depth
  • 4' of Wire per Strip
  • Waterproof Strips
  • Waterproof 2 Amp Inline Blade Fuse
  • Expandable up to 116 SMD LEDs
  • Installation Hardware and Instructions
  • One Year Limited Warranty
  • Free Lifetime Technical Support
Kit Size 6pc. Kit 8pc. Kit 10pc. Kit 12pc. Kit
SMD Total 44 SMDs 56 SMDs 68 SMDs 80 SMDs
LED Total 132 LEDs 168 LEDs 204 LEDs 240 LEDs

Strip Lengths
(2) - 5" Strips
(2) - 9" Strips
(2) - 11" Strips
(2) - 5" Strips
(2) - 7" Strips
(2) - 9" Strips
(2) - 11" Strips
(2) - 5" Strips
(4) - 7" Strips
(2) - 9" Strips
(2) - 11" Strips
(2) - 5" Strips
(6) - 7" Strips
(2) - 9" Strips
(2) - 11" Strips
Kit Size 14pc. Kit 16pc. Kit 18pc. Kit
SMD Total 92 SMDs 104 SMDs 116 SMDs
LED Total 276 LEDs 312 LEDs 348 LEDs

Strip Lengths
(2) - 5" Strips
(8) - 7" Strips
(2) - 9" Strips
(2) - 11" Strips
(2) - 5" Strips
(10) - 7" Strips
(2) - 9" Strips
(2) - 11" Strips
(2) - 5" Strips
(12) - 7" Strips
(2) - 9" Strips
(2) - 11" Strips


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  • Great product

    Posted by Skidadles on Jul 11, 2019

    I ordered the Advanced Red SMD LED Motorcycle Light Kit. It was an easy installation. Love the color, love the product and highly recommended. You can see pics of my bike with the link below

  • 2018 Honda CBR 650F LED Glow

    Posted by Wayne on Oct 07, 2018

    Easy to purchase, quick knowledgeable customer service representatives, fast order processing and shipping. Easy to install. Install instructions and video extremely helpful and thorough. Would definitely purchase form LEDGlow again.

  • One stop shopping

    Posted by Dan on Dec 01, 2017

    I new what I wanted but could not find it until I can across these light. They look great on my softail ! And we’re fairly easy to install. Definitely very happy with the purchase ! Even had a live chat on line for any questions!


    Posted by Jon Hawley on Oct 16, 2017

    Great product was surprised with the quality, brightness, and how easy it was to install!! Plan on ordering again soon, for my other projects!!!

  • Sizes

    Posted by Shane Bostick on Sep 07, 2017

    These are good lights just like to have some more sizes to choose from.