Replacement Motorcycle Lighting Kit Wireless Remote

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Product Description

LEDGlow's Replacement Motorcycle LED Lighting Kit 4 Button Wireless Remote will replace your existing 4 button wireless remote. Reprogramming the remote to your existing control box is required, and this remote is only compatible with LEDGlow products.

Replacement remotes are offered in 2 different options: a Version 1 option that features circular "A, B, C, D" buttons with a slide cover that moves up and down and a Version 2 option that features vertically aligned "A, B, C, D" buttons. Each remote is branded with the LEDGlow logo right above the key FOB. The remotes are similar in size with Version 2 being slightly longer. Version 1 remote is sized at 2.1" x 1.2" x 0.5" and Version 2 is sized at 2.4" x 1.2" x 0.5".

Note: The Version 1 Wireless Remote is discontinued and unavailable for purchase, but the Version 2 Wireless Remote is compatible with all control box types. If you have any questions please contact an LEDGlow Technical Support Specialist.

Compatible with the Following Kits:

  • Advanced Million Color Motorcycle LED Lighting Kit with Smartphone Control - LU-MC-ADV-M-BC
  • Advanced Million Color Motorcycle LED Lighting Kit - LU-MC-ADV-M
  • Advanced Million Color Mini Motorcycle LED Lighting Kit - LU-MC-MINI-M
  • Advanced Single Color Motorcycle LED Lighting Kit - LU-MC-ADV-X
  • Classic Single Color Motorcycle LED Lighting Kit - LU-MC-X
  • LiteTrike® I, LiteTrike® II & LiteTrike® III Trike Motorcycle LED Lighting Kit - LU-MC-ADV-M-LT
  • Advanced Million Color Slingshot Lighting Kits - LU-MC-ADV-M-SS