Enhance Your Street Bike with Advanced Mini Single Color Motorcycle Lights

Posted by Matt P. on Jun 25, 2021

LEDGlow Golf Cart Kits
  • Advanced Mini Motorcycle Lights
  • Ultra-Thin 1/8" Light Strips
  • Flexible SMD LED Strips
  • Fully Sealed & Waterproof
  • Solid Color Illumination Mode
  • Flashing Modes & Fading Modes
  • 4 Brightness Levels
  • Build Custom Lighting Patterns

We started switching over our Advanced Single Color Motorcycle LED Light Kits to our Mini Style Tube Profile which features a more compact design but delivers even brighter LED lighting. The new light strips are 6” long, and can be easily configured in any custom pattern you decide on.

Check out the COLORS we have in stock for this motorcycle led strip kit including Blue, Red, White, Purple and Orange. These lighting strips also have an extremely thin tube profile at 1/8” which is much smaller than what you see with most standard motorcycle LED kits.

Each waterproof strip is packed with ultra-bright 5050 SMD LEDs. You’re getting an expanded LED count, with the single SMD chips containing 3 concentrated LEDs to produce a wide-angle illumination with less spotting than standard 5mm LEDs. The result is more LEDs working together to create a vibrant and spotless underglow that surrounds your bike.

On top of it these single LED lights for motorcycles include a control box and wireless remote. Choose between 4 Brightness Levels for Solid Color Mode, and you can also activate 3 Flashing Modes and 1 Fading Mode to create your own customizable lighting pattern.

Expandability is key, too. The base kit comes with 6 lighting strips, but you can easily add up to 18 for the ultimate LED lighting experience. All strips are uniform at 6” so you’ll have an even and comprehensive glow to show off the contours of your bike.

Find out more about our Advanced Mini Single Color Motorcycle Lights and see how they’ll transform your Harley, Ducati, Yamaha and other bikes with LED lighting and effects. The install is easy and we have you covered with everything required including wiring harnesses, adhesive strips, hardware and more.