Ride After Sundown with Advanced Million Color Can Am Ryker LED Lights

Posted by Matt P. on Dec 28, 2022

Can Am Ryker Lights
  • Can Am Ryker Lights
  • 20 Lighting Strips Included
  • Factory Fitted Kit
  • SMD LED Illumination
  • 15 Solid Color Modes
  • Flashing Modes & Fading Modes
  • Advanced Million Color Cycle
  • Build Custom Lighting Patterns

Check out this LIGHTING KIT we designed specifically for the Can-Am Ryker. We brought a bike in-house and did all of the measurements to make sure the lighting strips lined up identically.

This Advanced Million Color Can Am Ryker LED Light Kit comes with a total of 20 strips that fit the Headlight, sides around the Engine, Undertail, Lower Grille, beneath the Gas Tank and other areas. Each lighting strip is packed with 5050 SMD LEDs that deliver bright, vibrant lighting to make you stand out.

As part of these lights for Can Am Ryker you also receive a Control Box programmed with all available features. Choose between 15 Solid Color Modes and lighting effects like Flashing and Fading Modes. With the Advanced Million Color Cycle, scroll through an almost unlimited number of variations in the shading of each solid color.

Using the included Wireless Remotes, combine colors and lighting effects to program custom lighting patterns for your Ryker. The end result is a multi-color showcase that puts your three-wheel motorcycle on full display at night. On top of that you’re adding another layer of safety by standing out on the road.

You’ll have everything needed for installation too. These Can Am Ryker lights come with Wiring Harnesses, Wiring Extensions, Adhesion Promoter and more. Plus we have instructions and a video that walk you through the process step by step.

Take your ride to another level with Advanced Million Color Can Am Ryker LED Lights. Multi-color SMD LED illumination is sure to turn a few heads by highlighting your bike’s contours anytime you hit the streets.