Ride into Summer with LEDGlow’s Advanced Million Color Mini Motorcycle Lighting Kit

Posted by Matt P. on May 07, 2018

Advanced Million Mini Street Bike Lights
  • Mini Motorcycle Lights
  • Ultra-Thin Flexible Strips
  • Packed with 5050 SMD LEDs
  • Subtle and Extremely Vibrant
  • Advanced Million Color Lighting
  • 15 Solid Color Modes
  • Color Cycles, Flashing, Fading Modes
  • Build Custom Lighting Patterns

Spring is here and it’s the perfect time to add LEDGlow lighting to your bike for increased visibility when riding during summer nights! There's another reason to celebrate because we're also introducing our Advanced Million Color Mini Motorcycle Lighting Kit. These Advanced Million Color Mini Motorcycle Lights illuminate your bike’s gas tank, frame rail, triple trees and more with 4 inch flexible LED strips that create a spotless multi-color glow.

This kit utilizes ultra-bright SMD technology housed in waterproof flexible strips. SMD chips consist of 3 concentrated RGB LEDs that create the 15 Solid Color Modes featured with the Advanced Million Color Control Box. This Advanced Million Color Mini Motorcycle Kit is offered in a 6PC kit and can be expanded all the way up to a 20PC kit for maximum brightness. Each 4 inch strip has 4 SMD LEDs and is ultra-thin at 1/8 inch thickness. The strips can be mounted virtually anywhere on the bike and can be cut to fit tighter locations, such as fairing openings or front/rear fenders. Just remember to keep them away from any direct heat source and moving parts.

Advanced Million Color Mini LED Street Bike Lights are operated through a slim and compact Control Box which is programmed with 15 Solid Color Modes including Blue, Green, Red, White, Pink, Orange, Teal and more. This light kit also features 2 Color Cycle Modes, 3 Flashing Modes and 1 Fading Mode. Each mode can be easily selected using the included 4 Button Wireless Remote.

Looking to get an extra strong bond while mounting your strips to your bike? LEDGlow has Adhesion Promoter which is a liquid primer that creates an extra layer of adhesion between the LED strip and the mounting surface of your motorcycle. It is not required for installation, but is recommended for a reinforced bond.

Each Advanced Million Color Mini Motorcycle Light Kit includes a One Year Limited Warranty and Free Lifetime Tech Support. Give your street bike a custom glow this year with LEDGlow Advanced Million Color Mini Motorcycle Lights!