Smartphone Controlled Bluetooth LED Lights for Motorcycles

Posted by Matt P. on Apr 01, 2016

Bluetooth LED Lights for Motorcycles
  • Bluetooth Motorcycle Lights
  • Smartphone Controlled
  • Advanced Million Color Lighting
  • Compatible with iOS or Android
  • Integrated Color Wheel
  • Multiple Lighting Effects
  • Dual Zone Control
  • Automatic Brake Lights

Set up custom lighting patterns with a few swipes on your smartphone by adding Advanced Million Color Bluetooth Motorcycle Lights to your street bike.

These Bluetooth Motorcycle LED Lights join the lineup as the next gen in LED accent lighting for your Harley, Yamaha, Ducati and more. You’ll have complete control from the palm of your hand as you access all features. This multi-color lighting kit is unmatched by the competition, and includes one of the most powerful Control Boxes available which allows riders to install up to 1,000 SMD LEDs for maximum brightness, regardless of bike size.

Download the LEDGlow Motorcycle Control App to your iOS (7.0 & up) or Android device (4.4 & up). The App is equipped with an Integrated Color Wheel that creates virtually any color. Choose between 15 unique lighting patterns to showcase your ride. Using the in-app presets, you can save up to 5 of your favorite custom colors and patterns for quick recall. Adjust the brightness levels or the speed and intensity of the patterns with a few simple swipes.

Advanced Million Color Smartphone Controlled Motorcycle Lights stand out from other kits by featuring Dual Zone Control, Automatic Brake Lights and Hazard Lights. Dual Zone Control enables further color and lighting customization by independently illuminating 2 separate sections of the bike simultaneously: each zone can power 500 SMD LEDs. Automatic Brake Lights switch the SMD LEDs to red to mirror the motorcycle’s brake lights, increasing your visibility and safety on the road. This feature activates anytime you’re braking and you pull the brake handle. Choose from 2 different brake light options: full red illumination, or a Brake Pulse which automatically strobes red SMD LEDs. Hazard Lights automatically override any color or pattern when the hazards are on to flash amber.

Concerned about your bike’s battery? This new smartphone app has a first-of-its-kind Low Voltage Shutoff that helps conserve battery life. This feature will automatically turn off the motorcycle LED light kits with Bluetooth when the motorcycle’s battery voltage reads less than 10 volts for more than 60 seconds. Head out on the streets illuminated and worry-free.

Not only are the light strips waterproof, but the Control Box is 100% waterproof too. It’s filled with a black epoxy potting material which encapsulates all the controls and circuit boards so it can easily hold up to a ride in the rain or other types of moisture exposure. The wiring should still be tucked inside the bike and away from any moving parts to avoid damage.

Easily pair your iOS or Android device to the Control Box through a secure, Bluetooth 4.0 LE connection. Using Bluetooth 4.0 low energy technology reduces power consumption greatly, while maintaining a secure point-to-point communication range. Your device will automatically connect whenever you are in range of the Control Box without having to re-pair the device every time. The result is you can easily start controlling the kit as soon as you’re near the bike. We include 2 Wireless Remotes as an alternate if you don’t have your smartphone handy. The remotes feature 4 buttons that can select color options, lighting patterns, brightness/speed levels and Dual Zone Control.

Already have Advanced Million Color Motorcycle Lights? You can purchase the new Smartphone Control Box to add Bluetooth control to your existing kit. The controller is compatible with Advanced Million Color Motorcycle Light Kits, Advanced Million Color Motorcycle Mini Light Kits, Advanced Million Color Trike LED Lights, and Advanced Million Color LED Pod Lights. It’s the perfect time to upgrade!

Join the motorcycle lighting revolution by equipping your bike with LEDGlow Smartphone Controlled Advanced Million Color Bluetooth LED Motorcycle Lights!